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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and torture, by chicago police... >> you think people make a distinction between cia, black ops sites, verses torturing a thirteen year old kid from the south-side? >> people realize that torture is torture. >> lisa fletcher brings you an in depth report chicago torture only on al jazeera america >> hello welcome to the news hour in doha. these are the top stories. a south african court prevents sudanese president from leaving the country after the i.c.c. asks for his arrest. >> forced back from freedom syrian refugees moved from the turkish border by islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> britain withdraws its spies from overseas operation after russia and china crack snowden files. >> flooding in georgia leaves
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nine dead and allows zoo animals to escape. >> south africa's high court extended an order to stop sudan's president leaving the country. he's in johannesburg for an african union summit. the court's decision whether to hand him over to the criminal court will make a final decision on monday. we are live in johannesburg. tell us what's been happening. >> so far that order has come from the high court and we can confirm that penalty bashir is still present at the african union summit in johannesburg. that is nothing out of the ordinary as sudanese representatives indicated he would be here for the duration of the summit and leave after. the high court is expect to meet again monday morning to hear
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arguments around the application of civil society organizations about having him arrested as per the warrant arrest by the i.c.c. unit mali, the arguments the court will look at is whether or not the south cricken cabinet faltered when it agreed to host the african union summit and when agreeing, also to going to the terms of african union sitting heads of state would not be apprehended when attention. we expect to get a judgment from the high court during the course of the day on monday. whether or not the court does have any teeth to keepal bashir remains to be scene. >> i'm wondering what the atmosphere is like there knowing all this is going on. >> the atmosphere is quite interesting. we are looking for response from government officials especially
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from the department of foreign affairs and cooperation. they've really remained mum on this issue so far. one thing to keep focus on other issues at hand, whether that's conflict across the country from burundi to so you had sudan also on the theme of women empowerment across the continent. the au has said that while bashir being in africa is not a problem, he's rightfully in the count rip as one of the african heads of safety and they're trying their best to continue with the normal program the agenda set prior to the heads of state meeting. >> seems that way doesn't it? thank you. >> al shabab launched a down attack on a kenyan army base. there are report that is several people have been killed. catherine has more. >> gunman went to a mosque where people are operating.
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they approached against the government and kenyan troops in somalia for a while. they went to a nearby health center, took medicine and a school where they burned mattresses. this started last year and spread to neighboring villages. what's happening behind me is a memorial tear service to honor those who died. i talked to some of the survivors. >> he has just started rebuilding his hotel the year it was burned down by gunman. he was in this room when he was awakened by repeating gunfire. the town center was under attack. the gunmen burned a nearby police station then started hunting for men. by dawn, at least 50 men were dead and the town was terrified. >> the gunmen could have been paid by politicians, but they were al shabab. they were even claiming that they were fighting for the
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rights of muslims whose lands had been taken by christian. >> before they could bury the loved ones, there were more talks in neighboring villages. soon close to 100 people had been shot or hacked to death. al shabab claimed the attacks but political networks were blamed by the kenyan government. >> this was completely destroyed, many people who lost property and loved ones are yet to recover. >> her husband was killed. she was left with nine children, 12 grandchildren and no job. the government gave her $900 to bury him and promised a thousand more. she is still waiting. >> that money would have gone a long way to helping me. i can't even take my children to school. feeding them is a problem and we just live by the grace of god.
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>> many are still frightened here despite increased security. buses were ambushed before. now they keep an armed escort. some say the police were negligent. >> the police officers were in charge of security. the intelligence was there for them to act. >> a new addition was welcomed to the family. her grandson is named after her husband, who died during last year's attack. the baby is a joy, she said, but also an extra mouth to feed. >> people across the country are very worried about the security situation in the country. there are active al shabab cells, recruitment going on. some of the attackers are said to actually be kenyan. >> armed men are reported to have forced hundreds of syrian refugees away from the turkish
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border. these pictures claim to show fighters from islamic state of iraq and the levant moving crowds back from a fence in the town. the video was filmed from the turkey side of the border. more than 13,000 syrians have crossed the border into turkey in the past two weeks. >> almost 350,000 syrians were living in camps in turkey. many others are struggling to survive on their own. we have a report from the town with the highest concentration of syrians in turkey. >> this stall is one of the latest syrian owned businesses to open up in the town. most of the customers are syrians. he is catching up with his family before going back to his new job designing station. he is taking a break from his turkish language course. >> rather than refugees, they
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are expected to eventually go home. learning turkish is just one example of how syrians are having to put down roots here. >> as long as there is no international will to remove isil or topple the syrian regime despite the hundreds of thousands of people killed and the barrel bombs that fall every day, we can't go back. we have big hopes to go back but the facts show we cannot. >> there are more than half a million syrians in the province. all are escaping the war back home. >> we are a five-member family and i had a new baby. for any family, the situation is relatively hard, because of the lack of work opportunities. i don't think of leaving turkey to go to europe. i'm waiting for any chance to go back to syria. >> syrians know they are likely here for the long haul.
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>> of course we had to set up business so we can live and adapt to turkish life. if you don't work, you can't live. we all know the situation in syria. we don't know when we'll go back. >> turkey hosts half of the almost four million syrians who have fled the civil war. >> five and a half billion dollars were spent supporting the syrians here. it expected the revolt against bashar al assad to take months not years. now the ethnic makeup of towns all along this this side of the border is changing, perhaps for the long term. >> let's get more on the top story now the south africa high court has suspended an order to stop sudan's president from leaving the country. joining me on the phone is caroline, lawyer with the southern africa litigation center, which took the case to the court in south africa.
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i believe i'm talking to you somewhere in johannesburg. that you know for joining us, why are you taking this action? >> good afternoon thanks for having me on your program. to ensure the cooperation includes serving arrest warrant -- >> does this action have any support at all from the government? >> we are not quite sure. we understand that they are processing the application but are waiting to hear the arguments. >> what do you believe is going to happen in court because this has been delayed until june 15. what do you expect to happen,
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what do you hope is going to happen? >> it has been confirmed until tomorrow morning arguments will be heard tomorrow morning at 11:30. >> why do you believe that he should be kept in the country and that he should be handed over? >> we believe that his presence triggers the obligations to arrest him and we need to ensure it until the court reaches the decision -- >> this is not at great line. we've heard that the sudanese government said he will go home
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regardless. is there anything stopping him if the court rules that he shouldn't leave? i mean, can he still go if he wants to? >> to take all the necessary step to say ensure -- so the african authorities have an obligation to make sure that he remains in the country and so irrespective of when the summit begins, president bashir is required -- >> good to talk to up. quite dramatic stuff there in johannesburg. >> the iraqi military said fighters from islamic state of iraq and the levant have blown up three car bombs targeting an army base. it happened at the village south of fallujah. 13 soldiers are said to have been killed, including an army commander. as the battle against isil continues, the political party
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is marking the anniversary of a militia group the popular mobilization forces have been both effective and controversial. imran kahn reports from baghdad. >> it's a year since the religious authority in iraq, the grand ayatollah called all iraqis regardless of sex to arms. tens of thousands heeded his call with the popular mobilization forces formed. most who joint were shia muslims. the army's reputation was in tatters, isil overran them with ease taking over a third of the country while al-maliki was the prime minister. he blamed the u.s. government for the collapse of the army, saying much needed weaponry was never delivered. >> the war effort must focus on the popular mobilization forces until we're liberated and get rid of isil, lib rate our land and go back to building the army with new rules and not on a
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sectarian bases. >> sectarianism remains in the headlines, militias accused of revenge attacks burning the bodies of isil fighters and pushing a sectarian agenda. in anbar predominantly sunni tribal leaders were angered to much they pledged allegiance to isil. >> those thinking the mobilization forces are just shia be wrong. they are foul all iraqis. >> some are supported by iran, which applies weapons and training. on the battlefield the supporters are backed any u.s. led airstrikes. in effect, iran and united states are on the same side. >> it is overwhelmingly shia. there is another question, why not just make these militia part of the regular iraqi army.
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the answer lie to say that question in iraq's very complicated political land scape. >> each of iraq's religious groups is affiliated to a political party. many also control media organizations and militias. they are technically under the control of the commander-in-chief under prime minister al abadi but answer to the faction that controls them. all are united in the battle against ice will, however sectarian suspicions run deep and the positive larr mobilization forces remain controversial. >> a south korean hospital stops surgical operations after more mers is reported. >> protestors take the symbol of democracy back to the streets in hong kong. >> in sport great goals between
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argentina and uruguay in chile in the copa games. >> the u.n. envoy to yemen is insisting peace talks will take plates in geneva monday, but the houthi delegation hasn't left a schedule. seven houthis have been killed in the town. we are joined life from geneva. what's expected then? i believe the talks will go ahead whether the houthis are coming or not, is that the deal? >> well, basically the international community and the u.n. in particular are not hoping to see some sort of break through here in geneva, but at least say they would like to see the yemeni factions start a political dialogue about how to
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move forward how to put an end to the violence and instability in the country. if that happens, they will start talking about implementing a ceasefire across the country but then you have some issues that they have to overcome. basically, the government says that the houthis have to put order in all the cities they captured over the last months. sanna and taiz and aden. the houthis say that they cannot pull out from those areas, that they are willing to negotiate an overall settlement where they want to have bigger political representation in yemen. >> is there anything from previous meetings that might help move the process forward?
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>> sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> is there anything from previous meetings that might help move the process forward? anything that was agreed upon -- >> there were high hopes that they would be able to -- i see. that they would be able to announce a ceasefire before talks start as sort of confidence building measure. that didn't happen. the fighting is flaring up across the country and airstrikes continue. this is exactly why the international community is hoping to have the two parties basically houthis and representatives of the former president ali abdullah saleh on the one hand, the government and the other parties try to start political talks face-to-face. that won't happen the first day. the first day will be talks in separate rooms with united nations envoys shuttling back and forth trying to present new ideas and see how they can move forward. i think one of the biggest issues be they are trying to
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overcome is basically put some international observers on the ground to monitor houthis pulling out from areas particularly from the south. the houthis said initially that they would like to talk about that condition but i think unless they get some sort of major concessions from president hadi, they will pull out of those areas. it's a very delicate situation here in jew. >> obviously the pressure is on because of the grave humanitarian situation. thank you. >> the u.k. has pulled spies from overseas operations after russia and china cracked top secret files in the possession of whistle blower edward snowden, currently in russia where he was granted asylum in 2013. rory that will challands is in moscow. >> the russian government is unlikely to shout about this story. first of all this sunday times
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report quotes unnamed sources within the u.k. government. it's not yet the official position of the u.k. government itself. until that becomes official position, the russian government is not likely to say too much about it. secondly the russian government does not really make too many comments about intelligence matters, ever, and if it has access to a large supply of intelligence from edward snowden, it's going to want to use that to best effect and best effect is not going to be saying candidly what information it has and doesn't have. thirdly, russia that said its hosting of edward snowden is purely a humanitarian gesture and not to do with any intelligence gains that might come along with that and as easy as that position may found russia is going to be unlikely to want to blow that story. if russia says anything, it's
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probably going to be along the lines of this is a smear campaign from the british intelligence services and american government against edward snowden to cover britain the intelligence gathering misdeeds. within the report, it should be fairly easy for them to make that claim if they want to do so. >> a cleanup is under way in georgia after the river was opportunity into a torrent. lions, tigers, bears and wolves have been roaming the streets after their cages at the tbilisi zoo was damaged. >> a hip pope wanders the roads freed control captivity by a deadly storm. elsewhere, a brown bear takes ref final on an air conditioning unit, while a big cat lurks around the doorway of a big building. heavy rainfall lately saturday sent flash floods surging
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through tbilisi. many families are left homeless with the mayor suggesting the repair bill will run into the tens of millions of dollars. with large parts of the zoo still underwater, it's unclear how many animals have perished or how many are still on the loose. one by one the animals are being corned, some killed, others recaptured. as of yet there are no reports of attacks on humans, throw three zoo workers are confirmed to have died in a flooding, including one, a zoo keeper who lost an arm in a tiger attack last month. residents have been warned to stay indoors until the remaining animals can be found and captured. al jazeera. >> dozens of migrants are stuck in the italian town on the border with france. french border police are blocking them from entering the country. the migrants are camping out on
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rocks in the shoreline and being given food and water by some local people. over 100,000 have crossed into europe since the beginning of the year. >> medical charity doctors without borders warns the fight against ebola isn't over. there's been a spike in cases ins guinea and sierra leone where curfews are in place. 11,000 people have died from the disease across west africa. >> it's not over until it's over. i'm very concerned about the fact that there is a general fatigue and waning of attention on ebola and that people are basically declaring victory before it's time, and that is really detrimental. we need to finish the job to get to the finish line, we're going to need oh double our effort, otherwise we'll never get there. >> a 15th person has died of middle east respiratory syndrome. the number of patients infected has risen to 145 many in a main hospital in the capitol seoul.
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we have the story. >> the medical center in seoul were you ever south korea's largest, busiest and most prestigious hospital has suspended the bulk of its services after being identified as the he. i center of the spread of mers, the middle east respiratory syndrome. >> we will partially close the hospital to focus on counter acting mers. other than emergency operations, we are going to temporarily restrict out patient treatment hospitalization and operations. we will also limit people coming in to visit patients. in the city on high alert people are taking every precaution to help contain the outbreak. using hand sanitizers and facemasks, with some call on did he vine help. >> i prayed for god to save our nation and rad date mers from our land. >> while i was operating i asked for a quick toned mers.
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>> so far the virus is confined to hospitals medical staff parties and their visitors. the world health organization said there's no evidence that suggest that mers spreading into wider community or that the virus is mutating into one more easily passed between people. south korea's government is keeping a close watch on all infections. >> as of june 14, 7 more cases have occurred and the total number of infected people is 145. >> mers was diagnosed in south korea nearly a month ago in a businessman who returned from a trip to the middle east. it's the largest outbreak outside saudi arabia where the disease was first identified in people three years ago. a hospital in slovakia is testing a south korea men suspected of mers after he fell ill there. al jazeera. >> more coming up straight ahead, years after retiring from
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india's military, find out why thousands still fighting an old battle. >> back to life, the first spacecraft to land on a comet wakes up after a long sleep. >> it appeared to be a painful game five for the tampa bay lightning in the stanley cup finals. we'll have the details later in sport.
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>> the cops is a legalized gang... it makes me scared for everybody >> fear and distrust in baltimore... >> they've just been pepper spraying people at very close range... >> years of tension between the community and police erupt... >> she was on her way home to her kid, and she never made it... >> a former cop speaks out... >> if you had taken steps when a man was assaulted, maybe freddie gray didn't have to die. >> is there still a blue wall of silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising only on al jazeera america
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>> challenge the way you look at the world. >> talking about big subjects.
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>> telling human stories. >> fraud, waste and abuse. >> we've spent 110 billion dollars. >> this is their dirty little secret. >> south africa's high court extended an order to stop south sudan's president from leaving the country after a summit. the decision whether to hand him over to the i.c.c. over alleged war crimes in darfur, the court will make a final decision monday. >> the u.n. envoy to yemen said talks to end the war independent country will be held in geneva monday. seven houthi rebels having killed in fighting in the southern town of dahlia, but made gains in the north. >> armed men are reported to have forced hundreds of syrian
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refugees away from the turkish border. these pictures are said to show fighters from islamic state of iraq and the levant moving crowds back from a fence in the town of taiz. >> let's go back to the restraining order against the sudanese president omar bashir wanted since 2009 when he became the first ruling head of state to be indict by the i.c.c., accusing him of ordering atrocities in darfur, which killed 300,000 people. he's avoided going to france, turkey and south africa in the past after being warned against traveling there but chad and departmentdong go have allowed him to visit. what have you made of the action
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of the court deliberating whether to remove him? >> i think from legal point of view, we would say that it was a victory, really, trying to ensure that south africa implements its international obligations and that the statute ratified but also domesticated in the country and from that legal point of view, it is a victory. the question is is it a victory that can be translated into really reality and that's where politics come in, because that al bashir was invited to attend the a.u. summit. the a.u. adopted conditions where it says that the sitting heads of state and senior government officials cannot be tried or arrested while they are
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in office. they have to wait until their time in office is over. south africa is caught up between those two petitions -- >> i'm going to ask you -- who will stop him from going federal wants to go, considering what you laid out the fact that the many african union members don't want to see him in court? is there anybody who accounted stop him going if he wanted to go? >> that is quite clear. no, i think that the court has made a petition. who will stop him from going? it is the police, the national prosecuting authority or the immigration officials approximate not the courts. from that point of vow, it is a victory, but just on the legal terms could be a victory but not
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in terms of translating it into reality. the way i look at it, is he will participate and he will leave the country and africa will be blamed for not meeting its obligations under the statute of the international criminal court. >> how important do you think so it is for him to go to the i.c.c.? he doesn't look as if he's heading there anywhere soon at this rate, but do you think it's important? >> no, i don't think he will go there. he's been dodging for years now. there's no appetite to go there. there may have been crimes against humanity, war crimes. i don't think they reach the point of calling them genocide,
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but crimes which are prescribing the statute of the international criminal court. i don't think he will go there. no criminal say i want to go to court to go tried, they are arrested and taken to court. al bashir is no different from any other suspect from having committed severe crimes like this ones. >> isil aligned fighters are pushed back, a group calling its the shura council won't allow them to take root. >> fighters in eastern libya have been taking shots at isil. these men say they have made gains and pushed back isil. they belong to a coalition of militias who call themselves the
11:35 am
council. people have tried to stop advances. more than a dozen have been injured in the fighting. it flared last week when the council declared war on isil. for months, isil has been trying to bolster its presence with attacks along the coast. isil's propaganda arm uploaded videos of christians being beheaded. in central sirte groups aligned to isil are trying to take control from libya down fighters who back the government in tripoli. isil said it carried out a suicide attack at a checkpoint last month. >> it's an interesting scenario with the local politics in control of the city on an
11:36 am
international level isis versus a broad coordination of different governments. it's a very, very dangerous moment. >> the shura council isn't a new body. hard line groups are also part of the coalition. one of them is led by a former issue mate of guantanamo bay who is considered to be close to al-qaeda. another controversial group is the brigade, one of the strongest members of the coalition. with no central government in charge of libya powerful groups rule areas under their in fluence. representatives was rival government the are considering a u.n. plan for a unity government. general haftar being said must
11:37 am
go many find it hard to imagine how hawks and doves divided along tribal, military and ethnic lines will ever reach an agreement. al jazeera. >> eight at tunisians have been kidnapped. >> thousands marched in hong kong ahead of a parliamentary vote. demonstrators want legislators to veto the package. >> in sweltering heat, they marched through central hong kong. streets were closed as pro democracy reporters returned to where the long running protests began. many were holding what's now the symbol of this protest organizers expected as many as
11:38 am
50,000 people to march. the turnout fell short of expectations. >> we want to gather the assembly to show our support to members of council to vote down the proposal. >> 5,000 police were mobilized to control the crowds. the rally was peaceful, as pro democracy groups called on all legislators to vote down the government's electoral reform package. >> this rally, i think is for those of hong kong citizens that want to make sure of a veto of the vote of a government proposal. residence would be allowed to vote for their executive representative, but all candidates would be approved by china, triggering the protests
11:39 am
last year. >> the government needs a two thirds majority if it's to get the bill passed, but so far it's yet to get that support. al jazeera, hong kong. >> at least six people are missing in china after parts of a nine story apartment block collapsed. pictures from chinese state television show entire floors missing. four people have been rescued so far. it's unclear what caused the building to collapse. >> thousands of men and women who served in the indian army are still fighting an old battle trying to get better pensions, years after leaving the army. >> signing their demand in blood, these men once fought for india. now they're fighting for a better pension. >> this is a battle cry for
11:40 am
equality. many of them retired in their 30s with the same rank but at different times and are paid vastly different pensions. >> they have been fighting for equal pensions since 1973. consecutive governments have promised to pay them their dues, but none have met their demands. this protest, they say, is their final stand. >> this office in the northern state is a front line in the battle. 46,000 men from this area have or are serving in one of the world's biggest armies. a retired colonel leads their fight for a proper pension. >> when the country's faced with an enemy or there's a natural disaster, that's when people remember soldiers. the civilian authorities run after us. otherwise, there's always a
11:41 am
negative attitude towards us. >> it's also families of fallen soldiers who struggle to survive on meager pensions. her husband died in combat 16 years ago. >> it's really difficult to make ends meet with an army pension. i had to marry off four sister in laws. that was a huge expense. earlier, my in laws used to help me out, but now i'm on my own. i cover all my family's expenses. >> it's estimated the government needs to put aside at least $1.4 billion a year to provide the kind of pensions wanted by ex-army personnel. >> any kind of compensation, which is extended by the central government will also affect the state governments in terms of state police force also demanding a special kind of a dispensation. these things have to be taken into account before we think of implementing any policy which has implications for the long term.
11:42 am
>> it's a cost the retired colonel thinks the indian government must budget for to serve future generations. >> the first spacecraft to land on a comet has woken up from a seven month hibernation. batteries died after its amazing landing last november. it appears that solar batteries have been recharged as it hurdles toward the sun on the back of the comet. scientists are excited because 40 seconds worth of new data has been beamed back to earth. keith smith is an astronomer at the u.k.'s royal astronomical society and joins me live from cambridge. why did it wake up, what happened? >> so, what happened is when it landed on the comet it actually fell off its proposed landing target and fell into a trench,
11:43 am
which meant there wasn't enough sunlight fouling on it to keep the batteries charged. the comet as it goes around the sun has got closer and therefore receiving more sunlight than it was back in november. therefore, there's just about enough now falling on the solar panels which are partly in shadow that it can just about power up its transmitter and phone back home and let us know it is still taking data. >> what sort of data are you going to expect from this? we're approximately i in knowing how the solar system was formed and comets are left over bits of the raw material that you use for forming planets during the formation of the solar system. the spacecraft orbiting around the comet and the lander, which has landed on the surface are between them giving us information that we need to understand what this comet is
11:44 am
mate of, how it inner acts getting closer to the sun how it performs with the big tail coming off of it. that helps measure the surface of the comet. it has a drill it can drill into the surface and measure chemicals it's made of. >> how many of these probes do we have around us at the moment? what are they looking for? >> around comets, this is the only one the only spacecraft we have ever sent to a comet. there are a couple of other investigations going on, for example, a mission around saturn. another mission that's orbiting around an asteroid. another coming up in the middle of jump is nasa's new horizon probe which is going to meet
11:45 am
pluto. it will collect a whole lot of interesting data on that. there is a brief window to learn about that particular, what used to be a planet is now called a dwarf planet and that is going to tell and you say lot more information about how our solar system is going to be. >> i look forward to hearing from you about this, thanks, keith. >> still ahead in sport an action packed 24 hours during the 83rd running of the motor sport's most famous endurance race
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>> wow...these are amazing! >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america.
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>> president obama has called for support to revive his global trade agenda. the house of representatives voted down the measure to help american workers who lost jobs because of trade. >> right now something called trade j assistance provides vital support like job training and community college education to tens of thousands of american workers each year who were hurt by past trade deals. the kind we're not going to repeat again. republicans and democrats in the senate have voted to renew this initiative, but so far the house of representatives have chosen to let it expire in just a few months, leaving as many as 100,000 american workers on their own. for the sake of those workers their families and their communities, i urge those members of congress who voted against trade j assistance to reconsider and stand up for american workers. >> there's still more than a year ago but the u.s.
11:48 am
presidential race is already heating up. in the next days, jeb bush is expected to announce his plans to run for office, giving the republicans 11 contenders vying for the white house with a few more expected to join the battle. alan fisher reports. >> for the republicans, this will be a contest rather than a coronation after eight years on the sidelines the party is ready to take back the white house, and there are plenty of people who believe they should be president. >> a lot of republicans look at the field and say this is a good time to be running, there is no incumbent, hillary clinton isn't scaring republicans away. also in the republican field itself, you don't have a dominant front runner. >> by the time the declarations end. >> i'm running for penalty of the united states. >> i am running for president of the united states. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> it could be 15 candidates in the race. some believe that's a search of strength a party where several people feel qualified to be
11:49 am
president. jeb bush hasn't declared yet but will and it's a name most people will know, his brother and father were earlier presidents. appeal to the evangelical christian wing. governor perisank in 2011. >> i would do away with education, the -- the third one i can't -- sorry. oops. >> claiming to be smarter more engaged with a better memory. seen as young charismatic and talk about republicans moving on a generation, meaning him. the only woman in the represent race is former computer executive carly fiorina. she is making little impact. positions republicans was taken with the new and rising hispanic population and votes they
11:50 am
represent, there are some lessons that they don't seem to have learned. >> after romney's loss, many believe they need someone to unit the base. that has its problems. >> if the party decides to nominate someone who's a little more out of the political mainstream, they might be in a position where they lose an election that they otherwise should win in 2016. >> debates start in a few weeks. >> from politics to sport. >> we're going to start with the copa america in chile. argentina draws 2-2 with uruguay. we have this report.
11:51 am
>> argentina began their capa america campaign taking on paraguay. paraguay fought back, making it 2-1. argentina's coach led paraguay four years ago.
11:52 am
his former team grabbed the late equalizer. scoring in the 93rd minute. they finished 2-2, not the start argentina wanted. they took to become champions for the first time since 1993. >> the first half, we controlled the game. we went out to look for the result. we created goal situations. we found the goal. they changed in the second half and came out to look for the ball in can frost to the first half where they stayed to the back. >> we positioned ourselves up field, pressured them in forward areas and make their way out more difficult without space to play. i believe that this was a good result for us, because we dared to come out and because we also had very important forward players, which can make the difference. >> in the other group b. match defending champions uruguay beat tournament guests jamaica.
11:53 am
the only goal in a 1-0 win. the star struck a ban for biting in last year's world cup. >> nine matches on sunday, the current european champion spain against belarus in group c. england goes to slovenia. june it is a season if we start again in august as we did it's a season unbeaten before the final game and several wins and two draws that's got to be worth something because we're in the business to try and win matches and we can only play the opponents put in front of you and we've been in seven and drawn with two. >> columbia pulled off one of
11:54 am
the two biggest upsets, beating title holders france 2-0. france bitting to become the second team to fill the spot in the round of 16 went one goal down just 19 minutes in. deep into overtime, colombia wrapped up a win with a second goal topping by one point. that group includes england who beat mexico. the opening goal, deep in the second half, adding a second before an injury time consolation goal for colombia. for mexico, i'm sorry. >> jack warner back tracked on promises to release what he calls an avalanche of evidence about corruption in word
11:55 am
football. fifa's former vice president says he won't tell because of loyalty to president sepp blatter. warner faces corruption charges in the united states. he had promised to disclose documents relating to fifa's financial dealings. >> the chicago blackhawks need just one more win to clinch their third stanley cup in the last six years. they are now 3-2 up in the best of seven series against the tampa bay lightning. tampa bay lost early in game five emissioned the chance to put the home side ahead and then got injured falling into a post. their post. forced to leave then bishop would be ok. he suffered a collision with his own player when patrick sharp gave chicago the lead. vermette secured the 2-1 win for chicago, who can now win their first stanley cup on their home ice since 1938. >> most guys have been there and done that, so we can lean on these guys to share their
11:56 am
experience of how they prepare the night before, game day the morning skate and the game. i think that's our focus that's all we're worried about. >> winning his fourth moto g.p. space, the spaniard just won the grand prix. >> the world's oldest most endurance race with plenty of incidents. no one was hurt. the winner more familiar to fans of formula one. this was his debut. the 24-year-old german helping porsche to their victory. >> nadal winning in straight
11:57 am
sets the third time he's won although the previous two times it was held on clay. >> the worst of my career, that's how he described his performance in saturday's diamond league meeting. he had wanted to break 20 seconds for the first time this season in new york but finished in 20.29 seconds over a second slower than his own world record. he is still hopeful he can turn things around ahead of the world championships in beijing. >> australia lost three early wickets. west indies 33 for five, need 359 runs with five wickets remaining. that is all your sport for now. >> thank you very much. laura in london is standing by to bring you the next bulletin. thanks for watching.
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court ordered sudan's president to stay in the country until monday when it will decide whether to hand him to the icc. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up a coalition of militia push back fighters linked to isil in libya. zoo animals roam the streets in georgia after major floods which killed 12 people. and the first spacecraft to land on a comet


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